How we work with 3D animation at Triface International. 

We have been a leading 3D animation studio since 2001, and we provide the best animation services as well as Industrial animation, explainer video, medical animation, 3d design, 3d animation. apart from this we have own studio for 3d animation at our office.

As a character and story driven animation studio, we work hard to create interesting characters and exciting stories.

Pre Production:

Our team of artists creates rough sketches and visualizations of the final output. Idea generation, storyboarding, character and concept design are all pre-production outcomes. It is the part that determines the foundation of the work, and is an important part for realizing high-quality animation at our studio.


The final scenes are created by combining different image elements into one. The project receives the finished product to give it a more professional and expert look. Among our most crucial post-production stages are colour correction, sound design, voice recording, and visual effects.

Post Production:

Rough sketches made during the pre-production stage are now converted into actual scenes and characters using technical procedures like modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, and rendering.