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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Animation to India

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Animation to India

When it comes to outsourcing of animation, two extremely crucial factors to consider are high-quality animation production and lower cost. And these two factors automatically make India the leading outsourcing destination for animation services.

When you look at the giants of the entertainment industry like Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Sony, and IMAX progressively outsourcing animation projects to India, you wonder why the world’s second most populated country has become the most sought-after outsourcing destination for animation. After all, there are other countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. Well, there are 5 decisive reasons why all industries are outsourcing animation services to a country that is becoming a fast-growing animation hub.

Highly Creative Talent Pool

Indians are more inclined towards creative arts, and the primary reason is that art and culture of the country are more rich and diverse than anywhere else in the world. Thanks to the outsourcing rise in animation, the trend of studying multimedia animation among youngsters has hit the roof. As a result of it, India takes pride in having a talented pool of creative animation professionals.

Cost Advantage

In addition to high-quality, this is another major reason that has helped India outshine other animation outsourcing countries. Affordable pricing has, without any doubt, made animation outsourcing to India super attractive. Whether it is an entertainment giant like Disney or a local business, outsourcing animation to India guarantees cost-effective services without ever compromising on the quality. The money you save from outsourcing of animation can help in lifting your business above the competition. An American animator can charge you about $125, but you can get the same quality work for $25 from an Indian animator. The Indian animation market enables you to save up to 60% of overall production cost.

The Language Advantage

As the official languages of India are Hindi and English, it shows a lot about how much the country’s emphasis is on the English language. It also explains why India holds the position of second-largest English speaking country in the world. India offers highly qualified animation specialists that are also fluent in English as well. Therefore, there is no difficulty in communication.

Quick Turnaround

Another reason to outsource animation to India is quicker service delivery. Over the years, Indian animation sector has matured so much that the country delivers finished products much faster as compared to other outsourcing countries.

World-Class Animation Sector

The second half of the ’90s witnessed the Indian animation sector thrive at an exponential rate. Given how creative talents are abundant in the country, it became a reliable animation outsourcing destination. As the world embraced the fact that all animation outsourcing roads lead to India, many big animation studios either opened their studios in the country or invested in Indian animation studios. Hence, it has helped in producing more refined animation specialists.