Simple and Effective Tips to Create a Business Video

Have you ever had a day pass by you when you did not watch a video?

Well, I knew it’d be a big ‘yes!’

Videos have surrounded us, ever since YouTube took off.

I’d say that if you’re using videos as a part of your marketing strategy, you’re going the right way. People love watching them! Be it DIYs, purely business videos, or recipes, videos are the way to make people really listen to you, your ideas, and finally make the purchase.

Video marketing statistics speak for itself; a business video rolled out got about 70% of people to actually watch the entire video. 93% of those viewers shared the video on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. You can imagine the conversions.

Do you want to be the business owner with that kind of statistics?

If so, you’ve got two ways; first being, you hire an animated video creating company. The second being, go the DIY way!

Check out the following simple yet effective tips to create an awesome business video in minimal time:

1. Being extraordinary is the key

Have a little something which can set you apart from the rest. That definitely does not mean that you’d be outstanding because only a professional animated training video creator can help you with it. A business video has got to be about the customers. Your aim should be to showcase yourself, keeping them in mind, their pain points, and so on. The bottom line being, your video should make them feel that this is the place to save their money!

Pro tip: Begin with an approach they’d definitely consider.

2. Have your objectives well- thought

Be it a website video or a product video, you need to ensure you have your goals and objectives well-set. It’s exhaustive for people creating video content for you if you cannot tell what you really want out of the video; sales, brand visibility, or something else! Feel free to be mindful and influential.

Pro tip: Give your viewers the chance to experience and imagine your brand better.

3. Short, sweet and quirky!

Short, sweet, and quirky always works well! Whether it is an advertisement or for promotion, short videos tend to keep the attention of your viewers best. In fact, a recent study spoke about how an average human can pay attention for only about 6 seconds, So, I don’t see any good reason behind why you’d want to have a business video for anything longer. However, informational videos can definitely be strategized, keeping this tip in mind; chunking of information is the best way out.

Pro tip: Think business and do well for others; short videos will help you on the monetary level and at the cognitive levels for your users.

4. Talk to humans humanely

The more down-to-earth your ideas will stay, the better it is. This way, people will be able to connect with you, heart-to-heart! Let them know who you are so that they connect with you in certain ways, for instance. Or, promote your product/ service such that people can relate to it.

Pro tip: People really are dying for human some real human association.

5. Perspective

This is in a relationship with the point about objectives. Once you’ve set your goals and objectives, your perspective is automatically going to be very clear. Get into minute details; what you’re doing why, how it’s going to help you, how it can damage you as well, and so on. Be real and keep your perspective in mind at all times.

Pro tip: Customers’ point of view is what you’re supposed to perceive along with your own.

6. Go a level higher. 3D animation? Yes!

3D animation is one fun way to create some engaging content and watch it too! Help your customers really understand how your product/ service works by helping them virtually experience what’s out there for them and what you can provide them with. Tools like Animaker, Powtoon, Prezi are pretty popular in the market.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to watch one before you actually begin! They can get pretty difficult.

7. Quality

Videos take a lot of effort to create. It’s always best to keep quality in mind when it comes down to your brand for two simple reasons; you can reuse the video late if required. Second, being, your brand image is associated with this video; you must not take the situation lightly.

Pro tip: Make use of professional equipment, make your work spotless!

8. Call-to-Action is a Must!

The prime purpose of the video is to make the users take an action post watching. Don’t forget to have one of those. That is your takeaway as a company from the video as well. It does not matter where your company is from or what it sells; CTAs are generic. Abandoning your users definitely won’t help you yield the best.

Pro tip: Want action? Make sure CTAs are all set!

9. Work with people who love the idea

The day you’ll have a team of professionals who are truly passionate about video creation, 3D animation, or whatsoever you’re looking to try out, you sure will get the best outcomes. Passion is something that can never be ignored, Hire the right animation video creation service provider company or people.

Pro tip: Hire people who love their video creation job. Simple.


I assure you, video creation will help your company no matter what you sell. Increase conversion rates by about 20% at least in no time, build on your viewers’ trust and see the magic!

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