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Welcome to Triface International, your esteemed partner in harnessing the transformative potential of animation to elevate communication, marketing, and education strategies. In an era where dynamic visuals are indispensable for capturing and engaging audiences, businesses of all sizes are turning to animation to breathe life into their ideas. As a dedicated business-to-business (B2B) animation service provider, Triface International is committed to helping organizations achieve their communication and marketing goals through our diverse range of animation services.

Our Animation Services


At Triface International, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of animation services that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring a customized approach from concept to completion. Our experienced team of animators, directors, and producers is not only dedicated to creating impactful visuals but also focuses on delivering engaging narratives. Explore our animation services in greater detail:

3D Animation

3D animation, also known as computer animation, is a highly versatile and widely utilized form that adds a third dimension to visual storytelling. Our skilled animators employ cutting-edge techniques, relying on physics and key frame creation to deliver realistic animations that captivate audiences. From product animations that showcase intricate details to technical animations, industrial animations for machinery and processes, medical animations for educational purposes, and safety animations for procedural demonstrations, we bring creativity and precision to every project.

Let's check some of our best 3D animation work:

3D Modeling Company

As the foundational step in the 3D implementation process, our 3D modelling services involve the meticulous creation of three-dimensional representations of objects and surfaces. Our team specializes in producing detailed and innovative 3D models, including product 3D modelling that showcases intricate designs, factory 3D modelling for industrial processes, character and prop 3D modelling for entertainment and gaming, and 3D modelling for AR, VR, and MR applications that enhance immersive experiences.

Let's check some of our best 3d and asset development work:

3D Architectural Visualization

Our 3D architectural rendering services provide architects and developers with a powerful tool to visualize and refine designs before execution. Beyond static renderings, our animations, including property walkthroughs and flythrough, allow clients to virtually explore every aspect of a project. From residential properties to industrial facilities, our portfolio showcases a diverse range of architectural visualization work: including property walkthrough animations, factory or industrial walkthrough animations, exterior renderings that highlight design aesthetics, interior renderings that emphasize spatial planning, and virtual set designs for immersive experiences.

Let's check some of our best architectral visualization work:

2D Animation Services

Embracing vector-based animations, such as those used in Flash, our 2D animation services are gaining popularity due to their accessibility and versatility. Beyond the traditional frame-by-frame adjustments, our artists leverage vector-based animation to design rigs for characters, allowing for more dynamic and efficient movement without constant redraws. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of 2D animation solutions, including explainer animations that simplify complex concepts, educational animations that make learning enjoyable, motion graphics animations for visually appealing presentations, storytelling animations that weave compelling narratives, and whiteboard animations that bring ideas to life through engaging illustrations.

Let's check some of our best 2D animation works:

Explainer Animation

At Triface International, we specialize in crafting high-quality explainer videos that capture your message with clarity and creativity. Our explainer videos are designed to engage, inform, and inspire your audience, turning complex ideas into visually compelling stories.

Let's check some of our best Explainer Animation work:

VR and AR

At Triface International, we are at the forefront of technological innovation, offering cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions. These immersive technologies revolutionize the way you engage with your audience, providing unforgettable experiences that go beyond traditional media.

Let's check some of our best VR and AR work:

Why Choose Triface International?


Industry-leading Expertise:

With a team of seasoned animators, directors, and producers, we bring industry-leading expertise to every project.

Customized Solutions:

Our animation services are tailor-made to align with your unique requirements, ensuring a bespoke approach from concept to completion.

Impactful and Engaging Visuals:

We are committed to delivering visuals that not only captivate but also leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Diverse Portfolio:

Explore our diverse portfolio showcasing proficiency in various animation styles and industries.

Experience the unparalleled power of animation with Triface International. Let us bring your ideas to life and elevate your communication and marketing strategies. Contact us today to discuss how our animation services can meet your specific requirements and propel your brand forward.

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