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Wondering what is 3D modeling and how it can boost your business?

3D modeling is a technique used to generate 3D models that offer photo realistic visualisations. 3D models are used across all sectors and offer a real feel of what the finished product or project will be like. An accurate model can make a huge difference and offers your clients with stunning visual experiences. With aesthetically appealing models, you can grab the attention of viewers and present your offerings in the best possible way.

At Triface International, we have succeeded in building an enviable reputation by providing informative, engaging and accurate 3D modeling solutions, bespoke to the needs of our clients. It is our goal to deliver something exceptional every time and we work in close collaboration with our clients to offer a final production to your complete satisfaction.

We are outcome-driven professional and are here to provide unparalleled levels of accuracy and detail to your next project. Even if your concept is complex, we are here to simplify it for you with our realistic 3D models. We have a proven track record and you are sure to love our perfection. We are committed to offering services of the highest standards and an outcome that gives you an edge over your competitors.


3D modeling brings products to life on the screen, 3D models of product add to the confidence and trust a customer can lay on your product and that it would be perfectly suitable for their needs. It helps your industry and product in actual packaging. This is the best way to communicate the ideas your industries have got and product to clients, customers, managers, developer and every stakeholder associated with it.

Apart from pitching product ideas to clients to coming up with a product prototype by engineers, managers, and marketer etc to showcasing the same to customers in a new light. 3D modeling is an effective investment and the results are highly benefiting. A 3D view of any of your product is more marketable than plain images. As company manufacturers and 3D architectural rendering services helps in your marketing plan and give bright future for your products.

At Triface International, we specialise in creating high-quality and accurate 3D models to bring your ideas to life. Our 3D modeling service can be used for a variety of applications to offer you realistic models that capture every little detail. With our comprehensive 3D modeling solutions, we are the 3D modeling company you can trust.

Your client or customers will get more pictures of the product while it is still in progress and production process can be streamlined at the same time, extra cost can be cut off without the needs of cutting corners, this can save tremendous time, money and effort in coming up with a product. Without visualizing your product communication to customers will be difficult and not able to express exactly what you had in mind for customers and the same is true for client, even before the completion of the product it would have been seen taking shape. We, being leading in the 3D architectural rendering services and 3D modeling services, provide the best of the services to industries.

For us customer satisfaction is of prime interest and other than this we strive hard by providing industrial animation services, safety video animation services, technical animation services, technical illustration company, book illustration services, digital illustration services, corporate video production services, animated explainer video creation services, patent illustration drawing services, 3d product animation services, training animation production company and whiteboard animation company to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the solutions we provide.

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If you are looking for a 3D architectural modeling company that you can count on to offer the best 3D architectural modeling services, then Triface International is your ideal pick. Whether you need mechanical 3D modeling services or 3D modeling and rendering services, we can help you. In case you wish to know more about our 3d modeling services price, get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you.

Types of 3D Modeling we do

  • Organic Modeling
  • Inorganic Modeling
  • Product Modeling
  • Medical Modeling
  • Mechanical Modeling
  • Engineering Modeling
  • Architect Modeling
  • Civil Modeling
  • Electrical Modeling
  • Factory Modeling Building Modeling
  • Application Modeling
  • Aeronotic Modeling
  • Anotomoy Modeling
  • Oil and Natural Gas Modeling
  • Safety Appliances Modeling
  • 3D Architectural Rendering Services

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