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Amazing ways in which animation can make safety training fun!

Amazing ways in which animation can make safety training fun!

Amazing ways in which animation can make safety training fun!

Safety training, over the years, has had multiple kinds of delivery modes, media and more. Field-based training, written material, a regular theory class and the most effective one, video-based training are some of the popular choices picked by trainers for training.

Video-based training was a lot more effective than any other teaching-learning style. A study talks about the effectiveness of visuals in training; this implies 3D videos, images and more. Video content can be almost 3X more effective than a paperback cover.

This is what truly encouraged the idea of 3D animation video creation in the field, over the past few years or so. Then, emerged 3D engineering animation; mostly to create safety animation videos.

Before looking into 3D animation, let’s quickly get an idea of what it is. 3D Animation is an upgrade of 2D animation. Rotate and move anything you like when it comes to 3D animation. It allows people to create visual content which helps people visualise it as ‘almost true.’ It also helps in understanding abstract concepts or ones which cannot be shown in reality due to reasons.


Something pretty cool you can do with 3D product animation is that you can not just create the content from all angles but, help everyone visualize it the same way too. For instance, check out this video. It feels surreal and trainees are actually working towards the task virtually.


Safety training has a lot of hidden aspects. Trainers tend to not understand the impact of a situation. There are barely any training modules which can really help the trainees in visualizing the dreadful situations they may come across. Take this video, for instance; the 3D tool safety training video illustration helped trainees to understand safety training in barely any time.

In simple terms, help trainees visualize via 3D product animation. Use technology for the right reasons.


This is another awesome benefit of 3D animation videos for safety training. There are some things which cannot be shown in reality but still does exist. Like, the screwing of a screw to attach parts. 3D animation has the ability to create graphics which cannot be seen by the naked eye.


Be it extremely close shots or very wide ones, 3D animation can help. This way, an individual knows exactly what something can look like from a distance and close-by. For instance, check out this video about mold awareness. It has shown the microscopic view of the mold as well; we cannot see it as clearly as in the video.

It’s not easy to come up with such video content. It requires extensive planning and experience in 3D video creation.


Animation has been a powerful tool to explain the unexplained or the abstract. Point being, if you want to create an alien which you haven’t seen, it can be created in 3D by can do anything with 3D animation!


Your team of trainees are getting trained for something big, something serious; they need to be on their toes at all times. More importantly, they need to not get distracted at all! It’s hard to do so with real images, videos and so on. With animated videos, however, it sure is workable.

Not displaying the background implies that there’s very important animation ongoing on the screen which must be focused on. This is an untold rule and it helps trainees concentrate!


By effects, I refer to obvious ways in which you can grab the attention of your trainees for the right reasons. Be it color-coding the entire video or keeping it very neat, without too much animation, it’s all your decision. However, check out some tips to make your 3D animation very effective:

     1). Add highlights to explain your point- Highlights help. It helps in illustrate several blind spots and your trainees really need to know where exactly the blind spots are to stay safe. This includes labels and pointers as well. Make your content engaging and fun.

     2). Use icons. Cater to multiple trainees- There may be one student who just does not understand the language the module is designed in. No problem; icons can help. Icons can also help to alert people about extreme dangers. For instance, a big red X implies something is completely forbidden.

Yes, 3D animation videos make safety training more preparing and fun too. It’s a pretty quick process to create one, provided you have a good 3D animation company. Get started now!