When it comes to product animation, I’ve had multiple clients. All of them asked me one question over and over until they saw the result, “How can 3D animation potentially increase sales?” My response has been constant ever since, “Wait and watch for yourself.”

3D animation is versatile; good 3D companies are easy to find but, 3D animated companies are hard to find! This is one of the best ways to present a product before your audience. All you need to do is harness well. Several marketers may not have learned animated video creation as an awesome way to sell something; today they’re using it and enjoying it too! Here are the five benefits of 3D Animation videos. You can also check a few other benefits of 3D animations for business growth.

1. OPEN 24 X 7

3D animation has the ability to promote as well as sell your products all the time; literally. Studies have shown that about 73% of your prospect buyers are visual people, implying, they love to watch and buy! Post animation creation, you can advertise your product across nations. When it goes live, it’s made available for all to watch the awesome animation video on repeat!


Most people out there would take a peek at an attractive and well color-coded 3D animation over a regular pamphlet. A 3D animated video sounds better, looks better and feels better as well! A study said that users are 4X more likely to check out a video over reading about the same. Sell the visual way and see the difference!


Be it YouTube or Facebook or any other social media channel, 3D animated videos can be updated anywhere! Don’t worry, you do not have to make any specific changes; you can directly upload your marketing videos anytime, anywhere for promotion.

Make it easy for your audience to engage with your visual content and truly grab their attention. This way, you can increase your followers on social media channels in no time, bring in brand awareness and work on related aspects sooner than ever.

Don’t rely on the same old, really boring power point presentations. Your organic traffic will also shoot up! Go a level higher and see for yourself how 3D animation has the potential to increase sales.


3D animation has the potential to increase brand and product credibility amongst prospect clients. Both old and new clients can be engaged at the same time via this amazing technology, ensuring there would be no full stop when it comes to sales, marketing, client engagement, and related aspects. At the end of the day, you’ve got to find the right way to engage the existing and client-to-be at the same time!

All thanks to 3d animated videos, you can now create visual content which can educate your audience as well. ‘How to’ videos are the most popularly watched in the category of engaging videos. Gain their trust and you’re good for growth and immense learning!


Help customers grow with you;3D product animation can help you out. Attract the best of prospect customers and show them how your brand is beyond products; it’s more about the features, its usability, and functions. Display it in 360 degrees for the most awesome virtual experience.

Apply 3D animation to your business in these ways

3D animation can be used for any kind of business size too! However, not all of us know how to use it effectively in our business strategies. Following are quick ways in which you can apply 3D animation to your business:

1) Show application or usage of the product during a difficult situation

2) Help customers view the internal components in a product

3) Bring a client in for a tour of the facility or workplace for understanding

4) Show product interaction with clients

5) Show complex processes in a product via visuals

6) Show scenarios and give solutions in 3D

7) Show the working of a product from step 1

3D animation is the best possible way to enhance presentations, pitches and so on for your product or service. Be smart and go for innovative ideas like this which have 100% worked in the past for others. Who knows, it may work the best for your brand!

Who knows, someday, your customers will take inspiration from your video and make their experiences memorable and very informative. Don’t rely on the same old, really boring power point presentations. Go a level higher and see for yourself how 3D animation has the potential to increase sales.