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10 benefits of 3d visualization technology for architects

10 benefits of 3d visualization technology for architects

10 benefits of 3d visualization technology for architects

3D visualization benefits many industries but none more so than the manufacturing and construction companies. Their projects (like constructing a building or designing an object from scratch) can sometimes take a long time to complete. 3D visualization allows their clients to envision these projects when they are complete and even help architects and designers enhance their projects.

Some of the ways 3D visualization benefits architects are:

1. Improves and enhances visual communication

When people see something in a clear and concise way, they learn, understand, and remember it well. From the project’s earlier stages, those who have invested in the project would want to know what their project would look like after it is completed. Better than still graphics, 3D visualization helps to simply and quickly show what their project will look like from start to finish.

2. Cost Friendly

The drop in the cost of the technology behind 3D visualization has helped animators develop high-quality, realistic renders at cost-effective prices. Animations can give amazing cost/benefit ratios as spending thousands of dollars during the project’s marketing phase for an animation video can make a difference in gaining a millionth dollar contract.

3. Easily show options and concepts of a project

Usually, a project will have many concepts and options. This may include different designs and look for a road or a building or different routes of a transportation project. A 3D project rendering can effectively and quickly show both clients and project managers what differences will appear and how they will affect the final outcome.

4. Accurate and precise renderings

3D rendering companies use technical drawings, blueprints, project images, Google Earth, and other types of accurate information to develop high-definition, accurate visualizations. Using actual photos and blending them with 3D renders can also be an affordable and attractive way to communicate your project’s vision.

5. Easy Distribution

It is difficult to work on and distribute physical copies of renderings or drawings. It is simpler to upload a high-definition, non-listed video to YouTube or any other video platform and share that link with several people involved in the project. This is easier and simpler than emailing large files back and forth and reducing their quality to make them suitable to send via email.

6. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is soon going to take over the world! Now you can simply connect a virtual device to your smartphone enabling you to see videos in a virtual setting. This can include a driver’s seat virtual experience, a virtual helicopter tour over a construction facility, or a walk-through of a construction site. It will not only impress the client but also offer them a complete look around the facility before it is built.

7. Virtual Centers

Virtual Centers were a concept developed as a way to communicate projects using interactive rendered videos, images, virtual reality tours, and the virtual world of the project.

8. Easily shareable and marketable

With the world being taken over by social media, it is important that you use these channels to share your content with the masses. A 3D visualization of your project is a perfect way to market a project or concept to the public. Videos are usually more effective and attractive than images, PDFs, and other conventional ways to market a project. You can also make interactive applications, custom websites, and mobile applications for your projects.

9. Spot Problems BEFORE Construction

Because your project is built virtually in 3D with actual design data, the process becomes invaluable in checking design problems or potential problems that are usually missed by quality control. As 3D designers work with data from many disciplines, problems in cross-discipline can be spotted often in the visualization process. For example, discovering that a wall could block an important sign or landmark.

10. A unique project that stands apart from the competition

Basically, this is a summary of the previous points made about the benefits of 3D Visualisation. The beauty, simplicity, and extreme visual capabilities of a high-quality 3D visualization can communicate your vision in a way that no other medium can match.

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