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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

AR/VR provides nearly limitless (pun intended) possibilities for creating interactive 3D environments in any aesthetic style. With functionalities that promote spatial awareness, VR transcends the constraints of 2D animation. While immersed in virtual settings, animators can generate more intricate visuals. Characters with more precise characteristics and correct dimensions can be rigged, skinned, and posed by them. They can also factor in lighting and staging for more impact because the interactive space mimics real life. Virtual reality also allows animators to use a variety of animation techniques. Animators can make cartoons, photorealistic graphics, live-action, or a mix of the two.

If you want to captivate and enthrall people and get them to pay attention to your message, one approach to do so is to make it look as odd as possible. AR/VR animation is an excellent fit if you want to sell your business in a low-key method that relies on the involvement and is targeted at a highly sophisticated market.

Unlock your Future Potential

At Triface International, we believe in Virtual Reality (VR) and its ability to create three-dimensional artificial worlds with incredible experiences for your users. As well as Augmented Reality (AR) which creates an unbelievable real world with life-like experiences. 

Together, these technologies with 'extended reality have become very popular in the tech world and for a very good reason. 

Did you know that by the end of 2020, AR and VR technologies were expected to generate up to $162 billion in market revenue?  Companies like Nike consider AR and VR technologies a good investment place as they are already investing millions to ensure AR and VR capabilities are creating incredible experiences for their customers. At a time when reality isn't what we think it to be, but what we create, we see it continuously evolving.

Redefine your Future with Us

Are you ready to tap into the power of AR and VR and become more innovative and disruptive?

If not, our experts at Triface International can help you to create, develop and produce unique AR and VR applications. Together, we can push open a door leading to next-level opportunities and thereby accelerate your brand's digital growth. We can create visually pleasing experiences for your customers. And throughout your AR and VR journey with us, we work hard with you to understand your ideas, strategies, objectives, goals, and challenges, so as to ideate solutions, build storyboards and perform tests accordingly.

Let us help you explore the benefits of the AR and VR technologies.

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