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Why Triface International?

At Triface International, we listen to your ideas and assist you in telling a story that engages your audience. We also aid in clarifying the message in your story with a call to action, and compelling the hearts of your audience towards that action. Be it a 2D animation, 3D video, motion graphics, live-action, stop motion or whiteboard animations, we've got you covered. With us, you are empowered with a story that reaches far beyond your expectations as you connect online with your customers. Watch your business grow! Our animations are customized to the needs of your audience, business objectives, and marketing goals. We work with you and your team to create a start-to-finish product for your service with a clear and compelling intent for the user.

However, with the multitude of animation services available, you may wonder, 'Why should you choose us?’

Well, we are happy to answer your question as we believe in maintaining clarity and transparency in all our communications.

What matters to us: The End Result. We measure the success of our animation services by the impact they create. It is our goal to create business-led solutions that help your brand get noticed.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and the market in which they are operating.This enables us to provide clear, effective, and consistent animation and illustration services. With our consultative approach, we can offer solutions that are most profitable for your business.

Quality and Cost Matters:

When it comes to choosing an animation company, there are two extremely crucial factors to consider:

Quality Animation production and Cost Efficiency.

We also assist in developing and directing the storyboard so that your core purpose can be achieved.

When you look at the giants of the entertainment industry like Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Sony, and IMAX progressively working with us for their animation projects, you may wonder why TFI has become the most preferred destination for 2D animation  and 3D animation—the very reason is quality and cost, of course.

From Founder’s Desk

Triface International is highly experienced in using professional software to provide custom 3D animation services for projects.

It was a time when very few people were using animation in their businesses. Businesses were doing marketing and training in more traditional ways.

My vision came true. I was always sure that content is the future, animation is the future, 3D is the future, and AR/VR is the future.

I kept moving. Many people come and go. There was a time when we had forty people in our company. But somewhere at the bottom of my heart, I was not happy. I wanted to do something bigger, something more innovative, something modern.

After seeing many difficulties, I learned my lessons well. And in February 2018, I established Triface International. This was the right time to change the branding. We discontinued some services and added some.

Triface International is now specializing in all kinds of animation, especially those which are useful in real life and not just for fun but for real use. We also love to do 3D modelling and rendering, architectural renderings and walkthroughs, and the latest Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. I feel like our success journey has just started with Triface International and we have to yet achieve a lot and go a long way. In this era, there are a lot of things to do in this domain.

I love to see client reviews when they love our work, I feel like my life's sole purpose is to keep creating, to keep doing excellent, intelligent, and unforgettable work. So, we joined Clutch, which is one of the most authentic review websites, and I am happy to say that Clutch has already awarded us as one of the best 3D animation companies in India. Not just Clutch, but esteem organizations like Vyapar Jagat and Silicon India have also awarded us.

Client satisfaction and project utility are the only mottoes we follow. We always try to give more than the client expects, we love to give pleasant surprises.

Time taught me that if we want to give the best solution to our clients, we should not hesitate to hire talent anywhere in the world, and we do the same. Yes, our model is hybrid, where we have in-house and out-of-house staff with no boundaries. We say in India, “Vasundaram Kutumbkam”—the entire world is our family.

We experience this every day when we communicate with clients and talent all over the world. Sometimes we forget if it is day or night! But that is the real fun. We love it.

Feel free to explore our website and watch the amazing videos we have created for our clients around the world. You name it and we have already done it for you.

If you feel that this is the company for you, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you in less than 24 hours, no matter how busy we are. The client is our priority. And doing top-notch work is our responsibility.

I will finish my letter here. I would love to see you as part of our clientele.
Take Care! Sincerely,

Chittranjan Dunakhe, Founder and CEO, TFI

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