Top 10 Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos for Your Business?

Are you aware that the average user spends only about 10-20 seconds on a website if they do not find any compelling reason to stay longer?

This implies that you just have a few seconds to grab the attention of users and convince them about the distinct advantages of your products and services. Given the short span of time, you cannot merely rely on graphics and text. Text can be confusing and can be interpreted in different ways. Moreover, processing textual information is time-consuming and visitors usually just scan through your website. Is there a way to give out your core message to visitors within minutes?

Well, the good news is that explainer videos can help you clearly communicate messages in the most interesting way than ever before. If you are looking for an effective marketing tool to get your message across seamlessly, explainer videos can give you the perfect pitch.
Wondering what makes them so awesome? Let us delve deeper.

No matter how ingenious your offering is, if your audiences are not able to understand or appreciate it, they won’t buy. This makes it absolutely necessary for any business to give prospects a run-down of what their services or products are all about in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. And it’s no secret that animated explainer videos can promote your business and boost sales by educating, informing and encouraging. The vivid animations, captivating narrative and engaging voiceover make animated explainer videos the ultimate recipe for success.

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

An animated explainer video is a creative tool designed with the purpose of explaining a business, concept, or product through a short animation. A cost-effective marketing tool, explainer videos clarify your concept and clearly bring out the features and key benefits of your products. However complex your ideas may be, an explainer video can enable you to condense concepts into crisp and captivating visual content.

Let’s explore the benefits of explainer videos to understand what makes them the perfect marketing tool to promote your business.

Explain the objectives of your product:

Explainer videos offer an easy way to take the guesswork out by clearly highlighting the usefulness and functionality of a product. They make the perfect tool for businesses where it is difficult to promote and sell a product through other promotional methods. With an animated video, it is possible to virtually visualize any piece of information in a compelling way.

Generate audience interest:

If you have a complicated product or service, explainer videos offer an easy way to liven up your pitch with colorful fonts and amazing animations. With engaging visuals, you can boost your online presence and rank.

Brand recognition:

Animated explainer videos offer an amazing way to build brand identity. For brand recognition, it is important to carry out the brand style. The versatility of explainer videos makes it easy to include visual elements, colors, and characters that help people connect and recognize with your brand. People are able to trust your brand and become loyal brand promoters.

Increase conversion:

The primary goal of any marketing campaign is to increase sales and explainer videos can help you accomplish your targets. With clear insights, informative narrative, and captivating characters, explainer videos can trigger emotions and drive people to buy a product. The positive feelings involved in the video make it easier for audiences to remember the product.

Improve your Google rank:

Google loves videos and with informative explainer videos, you can immensely improve your rank in organic search results.

A powerful branding tool:

Tailor-made explainer videos with interesting storylines make an effective branding tool. You can use your color palette and include characters that tell your story for presenting your product in the most appealing way. The aesthetics, colors, and characters work wonders in reinforcing a brand’s spirit.

Better ROI:

With explainer animated videos, you can reap rich business results in a cost-effective way. It is easy to get a good return on investment with just a small spend. You can create attractive videos at much better rates than ads.

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A versatile marketing tool:

The perfect pitch, you can use explainer videos in presentations, on your website, share on social networks, and even embed them in your marketing emails. Easy to post and share, explainer videos can help you increase visibility and grow your connections.


Are you aware that videos are mobile-friendly? If you have developed a mobile app to complement your strategy, videos can give you a competitive advantage. Videos work well on small screens while offering advantages that text and images don’t. You can maximize your reach and generate increased interest.

Explainer videos are memorable:

From a psychological perspective, it is a proven fact that human memory works better when emotions are involved. Explainer videos involve story, sound, and animation making it easier for audiences to feel connected with the brand and its offering.

Studies indicate that only about 20% of people are able to remember information that they read and 10% are able to remember what they hear. Readers pay a lot of attention to images that carry information and visual information is believed to be processed much faster than text.

By articulating your services and products in a few minutes or even less, animated explainer videos enable people to acquire a lot of information within a very short span of time. Since they include both audio and attractive visuals, they work extremely well in encouraging your audiences to take the next step.

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