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We are an Award Winning Best 3D Animation Company.

At Triface International, We listen to your ideas and assist you in telling a story that engages your audience. We also aid in clarifying the message in your story with a call to action, and compelling the hearts of your audience towards that action. Be it a 2D animation, 3D video, motion graphics, live-action, stop motion or whiteboard animations, we've got you covered. With us, you are empowered with a story that reaches far beyond your expectations as you connect online with your customers. Watch your business grow! Our animations are customized to the needs of your audience, business objectives, and marketing goals. We work with you and your team to create a start-to-finish product for your service with a clear and compelling intent for the user.

But how do we achieve that?

  • We get the attention of your audience with a trendy and captivating starter. - We use relatable and straightforward language.
  • We consider the ages and gender of your audience in the making of the video.
  • We've got the sophisticated tools; Adobe After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, and Adobe Animate combined with techniques like Model Animation, GCI Drawn Animation, Cutout Animation, Stop-Motion Animation, and 3D visualisation.

Do you remember the last time you watched a great movie and felt inspired? We can do that and much more with our animation video. We can assure you of our next-level storytelling skills with the best quality animation services. With high quality visuals and a meaningful message, we add value to your brand that positions you ahead of others in the Industry. By observing and analysing trends in the industry, our animated videos attract, engage, and inspire your target audience.

Say Goodbye to the old storytelling and embrace a better way that instils more impact and provides value for your brand. All we need is to find out your message and objective.

Then we create a strategy with the use of Storytelling to produce a meaningful message. With our animation video, we touch hearts and minds. Watch us bring your strategy to life with quality driven results. We know and understand that just accepting enough isn't cutting it anymore and is unable to satisfy the growing needs of today's competitive industry. That's why our goal is to think the unthinkable and beat your expectations.

3D animation, also known as computer animation, is the most widely utilized type of animation today. Although the method of 3D animation differs greatly from traditional animation, both require the artist to follow the same principles of movement and composition in animation. Three-dimensional animations, in addition to the two dimensions of length and breadth, have a third dimension. To generate realistic animations, 3D animators must largely rely on physics, according to the National Science Foundation. The animator creates keyframes, or specific movements, and then leaves the rest to the computer.

Vector-based animations, such to those used in Flash, are referred to as 2D animation. Because the technology is so accessible, this type of animation is gaining popularity. Although artists can adjust frames by frame, vector-based animation allows them to design rigs for their figures and move single body parts at a time rather than constantly redrawing them.

A 3D render is a photo-realistic image created by converting a CAD/PDF file containing a site plan, elevations, floor plans, and sections into a 3D model and applying finishes (soft scaping/hardscaping or exteriors and furnishings, lighting, and décor elements) for interiors to create a photo-realistic image.

3D modeling is the first process in the 3D implementation procedure. It involves the process of creating a three-dimensional representation of an item by manipulating edges, tips, and other shapes in a simulated three-dimensional environment.

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